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How To Dry Your Couch After Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

Cleaning your sofa is certainly a worthy effort; however, ensuring that it is dry is essential to keeping its appearance and comfort. This step-by-step tutorial will ensure you have a dry couch  following cleaning.

The Materials You'll Need in Couch Cleaning

  • Water spray bottle for upholstery cleaner
  • A soft scrub sponge
  • Rack for drying

Step 1: Vacuum

If the couch you are sitting on is made of cloth, you can use a suction hose from the vacuum cleaner to remove all water. For sofas made of leather, opt for a brush with a soft bristle to prevent damage. Make sure not to puncture any holes in the leather furniture. Check for hidden pockets of water, and then vacuum when necessary. It is possible to hire a professional to clean your leather couch cleaning Melbourne to ensure the best possible care for your luxurious sofas.

Step 2: Remove Excess Water

Removing excess water as quickly as possible is the most crucial factor in effective dry couch cleaning. A large amount of water and stagnant moisture could cause lingering stained spots. Make sure you remove the stains thoroughly to avoid future problems.

Step 3: Protect Yourself Against UV Rays

If your couch is drying out in the sun, protect the sofa from UV radiation that can damage your furniture, even through the covers. Pick a fabric that blocks UV radiation to maintain the appearance of your furniture over many years.

Step 4: Use the Dehumidifiers and Fans

Fans and dehumidifiers are the most efficient and fastest method of drying your sofa. Utilize these two tools in conjunction or independently to speed up drying. A different approach is to place big plastic containers with airtight lids underneath or next to sofas, putting towels to absorb moisture and incorporating dehumidifiers. This approach ensures a well-controlled and targeted drying space.

Step 5 - Think About Moving

If you’re dealing with several dry couches and the other damp, consider transferring the dry one into a new area. Be sure to keep it from becoming wet by using plastic sheets.

Improve Your Couch Your Cleaning Experience With a Professional Cleaning Service

The above tips offer helpful DIY strategies; for the most optimal result, think about hiring experts in Melbourne to steam clean your couch with 99degree Steam Cleaning Services. We use commercial-grade equipment and methods, ensuring the most thorough and effective couch-washing process. Contact us today to schedule a couch cleaning appointment.

Other Tips to Ensure Effective Couch Drying:

  • Ventilation is Essential- Ensure adequate air circulation within the area to facilitate the process of drying. It is necessary to open the doors and windows to circulate fresh air, speeding the water’s evaporation process.
  • Keep Patience- The method of drying your couch completely can require time. Take your time and resist the temptation to sit on the sofa until it’s thoroughly dried to prevent damage from occurring or the emergence of unpleasant odours.
  • Regular Maintenance- Follow your regular drying and cleaning schedule to avoid deep-seated staining, as well as maintain the general hygiene of your sofa.
  • Make sure you follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations- Check the manufacturer’s instructions to clean and dry the upholstery you have chosen. Follow their advice to ensure you do not damage your upholstery.


Cleaning your sofa is an enormous task, and ensuring it dries appropriately is also crucial. Following these simple actions and utilizing professional services with 99 Degree Steam Cleaning Services, you’ll be able to achieve a cleaned and dry sofa that is as comfortable as fresh. Additionally, we offer exceptional  Carpet Cleaning Balwyn North that will extend the longevity and beauty of your loved carpets. We will leave your home spotless.

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