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DIY Tips to get rid of red wine stains from your couch

Diy Tips to Get Rid of Red Wine Stains From Your Couch

We often encounter red wine stains on our expensive household items like couches, carpets or furniture. Whether it is a house party and you serve your guest’s wine, or if you casually were enjoying the evening, the red wine tends to spill over. Luckily, there are numerous hacks that can help you get rid of these types of stubborn stains. 

You can easily remove the wine stains from your couch, mattress or expensive carpets using home remedies. You can either go the DIY way or opt to hire a professional couch cleaning cleaning in Melbourne. Home remedies help to reduce the stains or, in some cases, get completely rid of these stains. As soon as you notice this red wine stain, quickly treat it so it does not soak deeper into the couch fabric. Make sure you use proper techniques to clean the stains so you don’t damage the couch fabric & share unique ideas for how to get red wine out of couch

Best Tips to Remove Red wine Sain on Couchs

• Table Salt

Immediately as you notice a stain, get hold of any home remedy to get rid of stains. Common salt or table salt is excellent in absorbing the liquid and removing the stain off the couch. Firstly, try removing the stain with simply cold water. After you have done that, dab the area with a paper towel and sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the stained area. Also, allow the salt to sit over the area for at least 5 hours to soak as much as liquid, or leave it overnight for best results. Next, rinse the area with simple cold water and repeat the process until the stain disappears. Still, if the stain persists, hire a couch steam cleaning services Melbourne.

• Baking Soda

Follow the same steps as you used for table salt. Make sure to use a larger amount of baking soda over the stains. Additionally, you will need to prepare a DIY cleaning solution comprised of water and vinegar to eliminate stains on your carpet or couch. 

• Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide  

Hydrogen peroxide is typically used as a bleaching agent, which works great on light-coloured objectives. First, you must do a path to check whether the material is colourfast. For that, put a small amount of the cleaning solution on the area before putting it all over it. Put a 3:1 ratio of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide to make the cleaning solution. After dabbing the area with this solution, vacuum the area to rinse the solution and damp the area with a clean cloth. 

• Fizzy Soda

The Couch Cleaning Service Melbourne recommends club soda as one of the best DIY methods. For this, pour the soda drink over the stains and wait for it to fizz; dab the area to remove them. The carbonation process allows pigmentation to disappear. Wipe the liquid with a sponge, paper towel or a clean cloth. 

• Hot Water

This method should be used for only durable and colourfast materials. First, boil some water, then spread the stained fabric over the kitchen basin. You might need some help to help you pour the water over the stained area. This helps to dilute the colour. Repeat this process until the stains vanish. Still, you can use the above methods if they cannot remove the stains. 


Knowing these methods can help you enjoy red wine without worrying about stains on your couch or carpet. Even if you spill your red wine, you can use these recommendations to eliminate these stubborn stains. So, for your next house party, enjoy yourself without fear of damaging your expensive couch or carpet with the best Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne.

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