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Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet dry cleaning process known as low moisture carpet cleaning which involve minimum water during cleaning process. We use encapsulation cleaning solution which is kids and pet safe. Booked cheap and relabel dry cleaning professionals.

Dry carpet cleaning become more popular from last decade due to low moisture which is great during winter clean. As the best carpet dry cleaning Melbourne company we have years of experience which can provide quality services.

We have a online booking services where you can get a proper quote and will get up to 10% save on your total invoice. With 99-degree steam cleaning we using high quality imported solutions which is best in industry.

99Degree Dry Cleaning Process

Inspection:   There are many factors involve in Dry Cleaning Process it is important to carpet fibre type and soiling condition as a consequence recommended method of cleaning will apply to the carpet.

Pre-Vacuuming: It is important to pre-vacuuming carpet before any cleaning process it can remove dry dust and soil. As we carry professional Carpet Drying Melbourne vacuum in all our van which have Double vacuum suction power than standard residential Vacuum.

Encapsulation:  Encapsulation process we apply green cleaning solution which is environmentally friendly and safe for pet and kids and agitate by rotary scrubbing machine.

carpet dry cleaning

Key Difference Between Dry and Steam Cleaning Process.

Dry Cleaning

  1. Low Moisture.
  2. Encapsulation Solution Environmental Fridley.
  3. Drying time short.
  4. Use Rotary Scrubbing Machine.
Steam Cleaning

  1. Plenty of Moisture.
  2. More Moisture need longer time to dry.
  3. Take 3 to 4hr to Dry
  4. High Quality Truckmount Cleaning Machine.

Advantage of Dry-Cleaning Method and where it suits most.

There is many misleading information that can confuse costumer about dry and steam cleaning. There are places like hotel and public area where is heavy traffic where required a quick drying time and those area regularly daily bases vacuumed by professional Cleaner. Dry cleaning is mostly used in commercial places earlier. Dry cleaning only good for light soiled carpet. When carpet is extremely soiled steam cleaning method is mandatory and only steam cleaning method can get rid of all dirt and leave cleaner and healthier carpet.

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