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Emergency Flooded Carpet Water Extraction and Carpet Drying Services in Melbourne

At 99-Degree steam cleaning we provide drying to flooded carpets in Melbourne for over 20 years now, and all our technician are certified by IICRC institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification. At 99-Degree Steam Cleaning we used state of art technologies equipment which Remove 90% moisture from carpet and it’s created lot faster drying time then traditional portable unit and carpet dry 4 times faster than our compotator. We provide wet and flooded carpet drying services throughout Melbourne, and you can reach us on 0433588272.

At 99-Degree steam cleaning we provide our wet carpet drying services through Melbourne and surrounding area and we availed on any emergency wet carpet drying services 24/7 give us a call on 0433588272 for friendly advice. We provide wet carpet drying and flooded carpet anywhere in Melbourne within 2 hours of your call. We provide 24 hours of emergency carpet wet and flooded carpet drying service in Melbourne is available 7 days a week.

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  1. IICRC Certified wet carpet Restorer.
  2. Available 24/7 in Melbourne and surrounding area.
  3. We provide Detailed Report for insurance work.
  4. No job BIG or Small.
  5. We accept visa or master card.
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Importance of Wet and Flooded Carpet Drying in first 24hr of incidence to Prevent Mould and Secondary Damage

A wet carpet can cause mildew germination and mould growth after 48 hours that’s why it is important to dry carpet whit in 24hr and antimicrobial treatment to prevent Secondary damage. Mould will not be noticeable immediately it will start noticeable in 4-week times and it smell bad and not good for lungs and its very hazier to our health and it’s bad for kids. This fungi build-up can make bad breathing devourment and pose a severe health risk for you and your family. It will make the situation unbearable for people sensitive to allergens, elderly, kids and pregnant women. We highly recommend treating your flooded carpet with in 24hr.

Unattended flooded water can damage your expensive content as well as the integrity of the structure.

Categories of Flooded Water in Your Property

The water is classified as below:
Clean Water – Water supply lines, sink or bath overflow or from appliance malfunctions.
Grey Water – Toilet bowls with urine without faeces, sump pump failures, dishwashing or washing machine water discharge pipe.
Black Water – Sewage backflow, river water, or ground surface water.
As 99-Degree steam cleaning we are IICRC Certified Technician and we have to identify and categorised flooded water type and according we need to give a treatment to your carpet.

At 99-Degree Steam Cleaning we used effective and appropriate method to Dry wet carpet to eliminate health hazard.

Pre-inspection and assessment.
Our Certified technician will be arrived at your property and inspect flooded carpet with moisture measuring device to understand and make plane to process required to job. And identify the source of flooded property and take note of classified of water categorise. We used moisture sensing infrared thermal imaging equipment to how badly flooded water to carpet and underlay condition and make a decision what equipment to use to achieve optimum result. Ae we find out source of water leak so we can provide treatment according to your carpet and subflooring.

Determining the required steps to dry wet carpet and scope of work.

Technician will inform you required steps base Upon analysing the category and water classification professional approach to restore carpet and structure, sanitizing and disinfect all contaminated are. We provide you sanctify calculation of drying time with involving cost.

Water extraction from flooded carpet.

At 99-degree steam cleaning we use industrial water extraction unit which is top of the range machine which has 5 times higher suction this process of water extraction directly affects the drying time.

Sanitizing, Antimicrobial and mould treatment to prevent secondary damage.

When water is flooded on carpet is always risk of starting mould growth and one’s mould started it will grow and grow and destroyed all property that’s why it is mandatory after water extraction from carpet we apply antimicrobial to your carpet and sub flooring to prevent further damage from mould. Antimicrobial and sanitizing therapy will reduce the spread of fungi and mould to your water damage carpet. We carry out this process in initial stage where is no sign of any infection and we stop mould breading process from start and we also apply mould treatment to your subfloor to prevent any kind of growth of mould.

Wet and Flooded Carpet Drying and Restoration

At 99-Degree steam cleaning our Technician use industrial air movers to blow air directly onto the damp carpet and adjust air circulation on premises to best drying time. We might have to lift the carpet and place the air mover underneath to dry the underlay and subfloor. We might remove damaged undelays and replace it with new one. Because of air movement, carpet and surrounding structure releases moisture into the surrounding area therefore we have to use dehumidifiers to remove that moisture.

Continuous monitoring

After we extract water from carpet and setup air movers and dehumidifiers, we have to visit next day to Monitoring drying a wet carpet. It is vital part of restoration process which enables us to inform you condition of carpet and also change position od air movers and measure moisture from carpet and sub floor and room environment to make a sure no health risk.

Steam cleaning of flooded carpet with Antimicrobial.

Upon completion of drying carpet, we do final steam cleaning with 230 Fahrenheit centigrade steam which kill and infection and mould after finish steam cleaning we apply eco-friendly no rinse required antimicrobial to prevent any kind of further spared od mould any fungus. If needed we provide browning treatment.

Final report

Once the process of wet carpet restoration complete, we provide compressive report of conducted work of property for insurance clams. We provide flood damage carpet restoration to Melbourne and surrounding area as a major player in industries we following guidelines by IICRC standard ANSI/IICRC S500. We accept insurance work. For all enquiries about our wet carpet drying and flood restoration services to make a urgent booking, please call us on 0433588272.
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