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Car Interior Steam Cleaning Melbourne


At 99-Degree steam cleaning for us working on cars has been a personal satisfaction. They excite us, fill our hearts with joy, and bring satisfaction to our lives. We do not compromise when it comes to cleaning your beloved car. We offer car seat steam cleaning services in Melbourne as we understand the importance of Cleaning a car is not only outside but inside also because as you drive a car every day it collects dirt and before it gets heavily built up it needs to be steam cleaned and all dashboards wiped and sanitized in a year. As Driver, we all understand the importance and joy of clean driving.

Car Interior Steam Cleaning Melbourne Service is a big job it requires a couple of hours job but when it comes to us we have the proper equipment and tools so we can get it done right the first time and efficiently.

Steam Clean Car Interior & Exterior Melbourne

99-Degree Steam Cleaning is your local car interior steam cleaning and exterior detailing professional. We make sure your car interior is cleaned at optimum level and it satisfies you. We make sure every reachable corner of your car is cleaned properly.

We do things differently because we are professional carpet, car interior & exterior cleaning and upholstery cleaner we have the advantage of deep knowledge in upholstery cleaning that’s where your car wash company have little knowledge in seats and floor mat steam cleaning probably for them it is too big a job infect some car wash can’t look after your exterior surface they use a harsh chemical that makes car paintwork dull and sweal over the time.

At 99-degree steam cleaning, we have the best machine that can make hot water to wash your car exterior which can make the whole difference in result because hot water can get rid of 99% of exterior surface dirt and it makes easer next step of cleaning your car.

In steam clean car exterior detailing prep is the most important part of the whole process. At 99-Degree we use hot water to wash your car’s exterior which helps to remove hard scale build from the exterior surface and the next step clay baring is easier.

For car exterior detailing we follow the process we do not short-cut the process and named the step paint correction process there are certain steps you need to follow and all steps have their own importance’s cannot skip them.

Car Cleaning Car Seat Cleaning
Car-Steam-Cleaning Car Interior Cleaning

Our Steam Clean Car Exterior Detailing Process

  1. High pressure rinse followed by a Foam lance to Pre-soak exterior to loosen grime/contaminants.
  2. Remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips.
  3. Car is washed with pH neutral shampoo including door jambs, wheel guards.
  4. hot water pressure washer rinse.
  5. Clay baring (Paint Decontamination Treatment)
  6. Swirls removal by compound machine polishing. (People say Cut polish).
  7. High Gloss Machine Polishing.
  8. Paint protecting by your choice.
  9. Wheel cleaning.
  10. Tyre Dressing.


  • On time every time
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Quality Work
  • State of Art Technology Equipment
  • Certified and Trained by Legend
  • Fully Insured up to 5 Million Coverd.
  • Green Approach we used nature friendly chemical and pepper less invoicing.
  • We Guerentee Our Work

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