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Couch Steam Cleaning Melbourne, Lounge Suit Steam Cleaning Services

99Degree steam cleaning is Mostly Hitech and Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services provider in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We are based in Melbourne south eastern suburb but are not limited to providing all Greater Melbourne. We provide affordable and Professional couch steam cleaning Melbourne services locally.

At 99Degree Steam Cleaning, we used state of art technology equipment which allows the steam cleaning process drying time of approximately 2hour whereas traditional cleaning equipment takes up to 6hr drying time. At 99Degree steam cleaning – Upholstery Cleaner Melbourne pride what we do and not settle lower stander equipment where other company does not have standard quality equipment and training. We have a proper schedule to train staff on newer equipment and chemical. We understand it is important to neutralize fibre PH level to feel the couch softer and cleaner and it makes slow re-soiling which means your couch stays cleaner longer. Even a few companies offer dry cleaning couch which does not exist.

At 99Degree Steam Cleaning, we have years of upholstery steam cleaning Melbourne experience which can make us different than others. We can make a difference in the way it looks like a couch and it feels cleaner and healthier.

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Upholstery cleaning Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning Upholstery cleaning

Couch Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

Best Couch cleaning Melbourne is the only recommended method by most manufacturers of Furniture. At 99Degree Steam cleaning services are frequently hired by commercial and residential clients. We know for our quality couch steam clean Melbourne services.

Melbourne’s most affordable and most hi-tech professionals offer the best value-added services. The steam clean couch is not possible without good and reliable equipment. At 99Degree steam cleaning, we have an experienced technician who can handle any type of couches, lounge sweet, and sofa cleaning Melbourne.


Our Booking Process for Melbourne Upholstery Cleaning

When you will get a quote online or by phone consulting and make a booking for upholstery cleaning services Melbourne, you have to select time and date is best suit you. And on the day technician arrived he will inspect couch condition and will advise best cleaning method for restoring your original looks of your couch. We do our best and everything to get back of your beauty of couch. We offer the cheapest Melbourne couch cleaning services.

What we offer as an Upholstery Cleaner Melbourne


Water stain treatment

Protein stain treatment

Protein stain treatment

Urine Stain treatment

Urine Stain treatment

Browning treatment

Browning treatment

Odour treatment

Odour treatment

Heavy soiled and grease treatment

Heavy soiled and grease treatment

Steam clean And Sanitize

Steam clean And Sanitize

Red spot treatment

Red spot treatment

How to Maintain your Valuable Upholstery?

The couch is different than your carpet so maintenance needs to be different too. Couch always comes in close contact with you so it is important to clean and sanitize twice a year. By the time it collects dirt germs and Bactria it grows on and on, that cycle needs to break and clean regularly. At 99-degree steam cleaning – Couch Cleaner Melbourne use very environment-friendly and kids and pet safe chemical that can kill 99.99% of germs and bactria. We use state of art technology equipment that can generate 100° steam which also kills all left-over bacteria and germs as a hospitality standard anything above 70° tempter of water can sanitize surfaces naturally.

Professional Sofa Cleaning and Upholstery Steam Cleaning Melbourne

We provide professional and prompt leather couch cleaning Melbourne at the best prices. We train our technicians optimum level so they can identify fabric and required stain treatment for your upholstery. We called our staff technician not a cleaner because they do not carry just a mope and bucket, they carry a whole lot of equipment which is required to be able to do the job. They have the expertise to deal with different fabrics and materials like cotton, velvet, linen, velvet and leather cleaning Melbourne.

Like couches, upholstery or furniture are too pre-requisite components for your place which can increase the excellence of your place hundred times, but exceptionally regularly, you’ll discover couch and upholstery collecting dirt and greasiness, microscopic organisms. These Microscopic organisms will not as it wea discolour the look of your couch but moreover they are exceptionally destructive to your health. That’s why you wish to clean and sanitize habitually to preserve them by opting for steam clean couch Melbourne by the experts.

Upholstery and couch need to steam clean professionally in consequence booked us online and will get 5% off on your total bill and successfully accomplish the job.

Get a Quote via Online Calculator for Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne and booked Online and will get 5% Off on your total Invoice.

Clean UP Your Upholstery with 99-Degree Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Couch and lounge chairs are vulnerable surface to stains spots, residue, and soiled, anyway gunk can wind up being profoundly imbued into the filaments, as well. Regardless of whether you can’t see the soil, it exists, so for the good of cleanliness and health, tidying up upholstery routinely is critical, which can be done hiring the best couch cleaning service Melbourne by 99 Degree Steam Cleaning Services.

Most couches and upholstery cushion is not machine washable it needs to be professionally steam cleaned and sanitized surface it is also possible if it cleaned by a supermarket spotter or hire a machine from the supermarket it’s not actually cleaning anything but make bleach spot and discolored and left over a lot off chemical residue because that machine is not designed to heavy suction and not design to make water into steam so that can’t neutralize fibber there for it leaves residue. After that this is not reversible for any professionals most of the couches come with a scotch guard that doesn’t mean it does not need to clean scotch guard is preventing soiled and stains not go through fibre and when it is steam cleaning it will come nice and clean. After every cleaning scotch guard is recommended.

Certified Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

99Degree Steam cleaning services is lead the industry to serve highest level of upholstery and couch steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professional technician so efficient due to good quality of equipment and knowledge of chemical and chemistry of stains. They are always spot on and confident of their work. There are different types of stain that required particular treatment which can explain on the day and will get best possible result.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

There are few Techniques that you should keep in mind while cleaning your Upholstery.
  1. Clean up Drink spill on your couch is much easier straight away sock with white towel or suck from wet and dry vacuum. If you let it dry it might be permanent stain that might be not removed after dried. So, act immediately and suck or vacuum drink from your couch asap and if possible, steam clean.
  2. Do not try to use hot water on blood stain or try to steam clean it might lock fore ever use clod water and vacuum water stain will dis-appear.
  3. Candle Wax take off straight away do not let it dry it might harder to remove after.
  4. Do not use extensive water you might end of browning stain. Which need special treatment to remove after.

Regular Maintains of Your Upholstery and Couches

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your furniture require less maintenance. Here are some basic Mantineans tip.
  1. keep away your furniture of direct sun light it might sun fading and that permanent discoloration it cannot reversible.
  2. Vacuum ones a week it helps to remove loose dust and soiled.
  3. If any part of furniture detachable remove them and clean underneath it might lot of debris and might find missing stuff.
It’s important to clean furniture regularly its help stop or less growth of germ and Bactria.

Why is Important to Steam Cleaning Couch and Upholstery?

The living room is where family gathers and they spend most of the time bonding with each other. It is the place where the family invite guest and spends time and catching up their friends, relatives and neighbors. That is why purchasing and maintaining furniture is crucial because it serves as the main showcase of the house of all the rooms in your home the living room acquire great exposure. Living room furniture is sometimes one-time purchase to many families. It is really important to Steam clean and maintain your couch and upholstery.

Professional and well-Trained Upholstery Cleaner in Melbourne

99Degree Steam Cleaning is leader in upholstery and couch cleaning services provider in Melbourne. Due to extensive knowledge of fabric and type of soiled condition our technician analysis the best and efficient approach to cleaning your upholstery.

Upholstery and couch are different fabric then carpet it obviously required special chemical to clean your upholstery and different soiled level need different treatment as a professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne company we understand that and all worry leave it on us our technician will do best to achieve optimum result.

We Guaranty Our Price Get Best Affordable Rates in Melbourne

We offer affordable rates in Melbourne. You can get online quota that can compare with any other compotator and more you can watch few our video on social media that can explain what we do and what you can aspect from our services there are charges involve for Stain treatment which technician will advise after inspecting your condition of your furniture. Once our professional couch cleaning Melbourne technician arrived your place will discuss with you about what you want to achieve and he will advise you best way to achieve your goal.

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