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Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Anti-Allergic Mattress cleaning – At 99degree steam cleaning Our professional cleaners will use a Sate of art technology Truckmount steam cleaning equipment to clean your mattresses that destroys all kinds of dust mites, Allergies, bacteria, and bugs!

Mattress hygiene is a very important and sensitive topic, specially when you take into consideration that every night, your skin sheds upto 900,000 particles of skin. Over a year, that amount adds up to 2.7 pounds of shed skin!

Worse than all this, perhaps, it is a fact that your shed skin is comfort food for pretty much any average dust mite. It is a fact that the average mattress is home to a horrifying number of Bactria and dust mite – a population of any number Up to 10 million of them, all invisible to the naked eye.

Dust mites grow in warm, damp environment that a mattress and a sleeping, sweating, humans create. Together they provide the ideal breeding and feeding environment. That’s why regular mattress dry cleaning Melbourne is of significant benefit to hygienic environment in bedroom – which is where 99degree steam cleaning professional can step in and make an incredible difference in your sleeping zones. Dust mite can be responsible for: Asthmatic symptoms, Bronchial distress, Sneezing, Itchy Watery eyes, Sinus inflammation, Respiratory inflammation and more.

At 99degree steam cleaning we are IICRC certified accredited professionals, our team offers professional mattress dry cleaning Melbourne and sanitizing services incorporating the power of steam extraction and extreme suction to completely remove dust mite colonies from your bedding.

Can I sleep on my mattress straight away?

As the best professional mattress steam cleaner Melbourne, our process requires 2-4 hours of drying time in which you will not be able to sleep in your bed. however, the type of mattress and condition of mattress required additional process it might affect drying time and process.

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