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99degree Steam Cleaning provides you specialized carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. If it’s not 99degree it’s called hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne by 99degree

With over 18 years of experience in the field of carpet cleaning in Melbourne, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why we are committed to top-quality services. And to deliver quality services only with state-of-the-art equipment that provides high-quality workmanship to residential and commercial carpet steam cleaning customers’ needs. 99 Degree Steam Cleaning provides the best carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding areas. 99-degree steam cleaning services: as a group of professionals, we offer a wide section of cleaning and damage control services, including carpet steam cleaning, pet odour treatment, flea treatment, upholstery and rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and water extraction services for flood damage. At 99 degrees, our machine makes water into steam. Machine heats up water to 100° to create steam to achieve optimum cleaning performance and sanitise carpet straight away, and drying time is reduced, unlike other methods that rely on laundry hot water, which is only 35° hot water, which is not able to clean better or sanitise carpet, and carpet takes longer to dry. 

Our goal as a reputable professional carpet steam cleaning services provider is to achieve and maintain the highest level of quality services and customer satisfaction at an affordable price. As a result of years of experience and research, we are able to provide prompt customer service. We used leading-brand equipment and top-of-the-line carpet cleaning machines from the US that performed with extreme heat and monster vacuum power to make your carpet look brand new again. Unlike other compotators, who rely on outdated machines that lack hot and powerful suction. The world’s high-end tools come from the Leader brand in the US, and all tools are designed scientifically to achieve high-end results. We also rely on leading-brand chemicals, for which they have done a year of research to develop chemicals that tackle all kinds of stains and dirt. We import top-quality, environmentally friendly, and pet-safe cleaning solutions. We trained our team about all the pros and cons of chemicals, and our technicians delivered prompt services.
99degree steam cleaning services stand for steam, which only comes from the boiling temperature of water, which is 100°. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge in our field, hard work, friendliness, fair prices, and going beyond professional services by serving our customers, their homes, and places of business with respect. Ultimately, providing high-end workmanship and the best customer service is our goal.

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We are the finest cleaning company that specializes in steam cleaning services, and each cleaning job is customized to the client’s requirements to ensure flawless and excellent service. From carpet steam cleaning, couch steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and water damage repairs to end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, we have got it covered for you.

Leave your carpet cleaning job to 99degree Steam Cleaning’s professionals.

99Degree Steam Cleaning has been operating in Melbourne since 2007 and has gained the experience to perform jobs efficiently and effectively. Through experience and research, we understand the right equipment and procedures to service your home or commercial property. There are many varied methods of cleaning carpets, such as carpet dry cleaning, rotary extraction, encapsulation carpet cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning. The most common and traditional method is carpet steam cleaning, and to achieve steam cleaning, making water into steam and making water into constant steam requires serious equipment, which 99-degree steam cleaning has. We use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, which is a more complex and expensive setup and which not every cleaning company has. The machine that you can rent from a supermarket or hardware store is called a portable machine. The machine can be filled with laundry hot water, which has a temperature of only 35°, which is not steam and can’t kill bacteria or sanitize carpet. It can also be overfilled with detergent and your carpet cleaned without a rinse, so your carpet ends up with a high pH detergent that attracts soil and is not safe for kids and pets. Unfortunately, it is still being used by a lot of budget-type cleaning companies because of greedy sub-contracting and the franchise system.

99-degree steam cleaning: use 100-degree cleaning, not 35-degree cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Buying a carpet is easy; the challenge lies in maintaining it. To have a fresh and clean carpet in your office, we recommend you steam clean your carpets quarterly. If you are looking for the best commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, give us a call to book “99Degree Steam Cleaning”. We have the tools to tackle tough commercial carpets with optimum results, and we are the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Melbourne.

Why 99degree steam cleaning is leading Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

The carpet in your office is subjected to rough use day-to-day. The carpet inside the office attracts a lot of dirt every day from visitors as well as employees. In addition, fresh-looking carpet is always attractive and gives the office an elegant appearance. In business, first impressions always matter. If your office premises are clean, it will give your client positive feedback, which is perhaps a big deal. So, you should clean your carpets regularly and perfectly in order for them to last. And 99 degrees means steam cleaning.

Why Choose us for Commercial Steam Cleaning Service in Melbourne?

We are a professional commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne company. 99-degree steam cleaning uses modern tools and equipment that are scientifically developed with state-of-the-art technology in the carpet steam cleaning industry. This makes the carpet retain its original appearance and look clean and fresh. We also have skilled technicians who are experienced in the field and have knowledge of all types of carpet fibre to make the right decision about the right method of cleaning carpet. Our technician is experienced in handling furniture and other articles with maximum care so that no damage is done. We ensure the safety of the carpet and the furniture in your office.

Call Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Entire Melbourne

99 Degree – Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers the best commercial carpet and steam cleaning services to businesses at affordable prices. The companies that quote cheap rates are not the best cleaners. In fact, we can also give good competition to any rate in Melbourne. The clean and fresh-looking carpet kept in the right condition provides a healthy and positive atmosphere in the office. Only a professional commercial carpet cleaning company can ensure complete removal of the dirt from the carpet through innovative cleaning methods. Pollution-free and dust-free environments inside the office are important for the health of the employees working there.

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We are a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company that specializes in a range of cleaning services. We provide services according to customer requirements.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning

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Car interior

Car interior steam cleaning

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Carpet Steam

Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Tile and grout cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Carpet dry cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning

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End of leas cleaning

End of lease cleaning

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Water extraction services

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Providing prompt commercial carpet steam cleaning services throughout Melbourne We use high-quality truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines that deliver uncompromising heat and phenomenal vacuum suction, which are required to clean any tough commercial carpet. We understand that big areas require big machines to tackle the nature of the job. We can beat any company’s repeated written quote. You can use our quote calculator, which can provide an approximate quote for stain treatment and sanitizing, which can be discussed on the day of the job booked.

Types of Carpet Stains

The urine of your pet can ruin the look and feel of your carpet in no time. It can cause quite an offensive odour as well. We are experts at handling pet stains. Moreover, we make use of highly effective and safe cleaning products that help you to achieve the desired result. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment clean your carpet down deep and hence, are capable of extracting these odours and enzymes permanently.

Not just the red wine or grease stain we can remove from your carpet, rather our cleaners have the capability of removing rust stains from your carpet as well. Though sometimes it seems that removing rust stains is not possible at all. But when you hire us, everything is possible. Our world-class cleaning technology helps us to remove any kind of stain with efficacy.

When your furry friend leaves a huge mess on your favourite carpet, it is tempting to visit the nearest supermarket or a pet store to buy a chemical or spray that can eliminate the pet odour and stain. However, this is not a permanent solution. Rather calling a pro carpet cleaning service provider like us to remove the pet odour is your best bet. When you call us, our technicians would examine your carpets and pinpoint the area where they should clean. Then, they would apply a neutralising agent that kills the odour, as well as the bacteria and germs from the stain.

Does your carpet look unpleasant due to heavy soil and grease stains? We all know that the stains are very unsightly and removing them is a tough job because excessive rubbing can ruin the overall texture and fibre of the carpet. So, we offer carpet stain removal service that makes your carpet look like a new one. Our top-notch Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne products and cutting-edge cleaning technology revitalise the look and feel of your carpet.

Red wine looks and tastes really good. But it can ruin the overall appearance of your carpet in no time. If your carpet got spilled due to red wine, then you have nothing to worry about. This is because we have come up with our red wine removal service that is capable of removing the red wine stain from your carpet.

Blood stains on a carpet never look great. They are too tough to remove as well. Blood dries in no time and leaves a deep stain, which cannot be eliminated using homemade remedies. While endless scrubbing might lighten the colour of the stain; however, it can ruin the carpet’s colours, fibres, and texture. We at Unique Steam Cleaning offer blood stain removal service that makes you able to get rid of stubborn bloodstain easily. Here we use the latest tools and cleaning products that help us to provide our clients with an amazing result every time.

Cleaning Services

Benefits of 99degree Steam Cleaning Services

  • We do steam clean where water temperature is 100C which turn water in to steam and it’s sanitize surface automatically.
  • Yours truly, and best steam cleaner professional in all over Melbourne.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology equipment leave your carpet cleaner & softer.
  • Provide best professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the process that involves injecting steam which is 100° into your carpet which can sanitize the carpet and thoroughly renice all chemicals and vacuum all dirt and Bactria out of the carpet and leave a residue-free carpet environment.

Which is best method of cleaning carpet?

Steam cleaning is best method because with steam cleaning spray cleaning solution and extract out all chemical and all dirt out of carpet and also carpet manufacturer advised to steam clean carpet every 9 month. In other hand dry cleaning is spray cleaning solution and buff carpet with rotary extraction some time carpet fibre can damage as well that is why all carpet is not recommended for dry cleaning only commercial carpet is recommended carpet for dry cleaning because those are tuff and extra heavy duty carpet.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of a rotary machine to scrub the carpet with encapsulation chemicals that allow low-moisture carpet cleaning. This type of carpet cleaning process is mostly suited to commercial carpets because those are extra heavy-duty carpets and usually those carpets are cleaned frequently. Where ever carpet got heavily stained or urine or greasy from the restaurant those are not suited for dry carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We do not recommend dry carpet cleaning if heavily soiled or urine or heavily stained. We offered steam cleaning instead.

Frequency of cleaning?

Depending on how many people leave in house do they have kids or pet. Normally it needs to steam clean between 6 to 8 months however carpet manufacturer recommended 6 months.

Difference between Dry and Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is applying cleaning solutions depending need and types of stain and soil condition then extract with 90° hot water and use rinse to neutralise carpet fibre free from chemical and dirt and high-power suction to suck all dirt out. In other hand with dry cleaning spray dry cleaning solution and buff with rotary machine which usually dry in 3 to 4 hour and after customer have to vacuum carpet. Steam cleaning is highly recognised cleaning system in globe because it actually clean carpet deeply. In dry cleaning sprayed encapsulation chemical and buff carpet with rotary machine and vacuumed after by customer.

Do I need to do anything to prep for Carpet cleaning?

You need to move furniture as much possible and vacuum carpet.

Do you have a price list ?

We have an online booking calculator that can provide accurate quotes based on supplied information. It can cost vary depending on the condition. Our base price for an average room size of 9sqm which we covered 3 rooms up to 27sqm for $54 on our base price extra SQM is $3. all prices including GST.

Business hours?

Technician working hours are
8 Am to 4:30 Pm – Monday to Saturday

Customer services for quarries and emergency job
7 Am – 7 Pm all days.

We have online booking services which can provide online quote based on supplied information stain treatment cost extra which you can discuss on the day with the technician.

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