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Why does my carpet get dirty? The possible reasons and their solutions.

After years of carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, we have seen all types of carpets. ‘Why does my carpet get dirty?’ this is a common question we usually get from homeowners. There are various reasons that contribute to dirty and unpleasant carpets. The dirty and stained carpet not only ruins the aesthetic appeal of a home but leads to foul smells and an unhealthy indoor environment.

Being the leading carpet cleaning company, we have dealt with different types of carpet stains like:

  • Food and drink stains- These types of spills include stains coming from juices, wine, coffee, and tea, and food spills include oil, sauces, curry, etc.

  • Pet stains- our pets sometimes can urinate or vomit on the carpet, and this goes deep within the fabric, leaving an awful smell. This is when you need to hire carpet cleaning services Melbourne to clean your carpets effectively.

  • Oil and grease- This can happen during cooking accidents, makeup spills, or automotive spills. 

The other spills that require Professional Carpet Cleaning Services are ink stains, mud stains, biological stains, and others. 

It is important to know that every carpet and the stains it has need a different cleaning method and equipment. Additionally, as soon as you notice a stain on your carpet, it is best to treat it immediately. Here are some of the reasons why your carpet is dirty and the Carpet Cleaning Solutions:

  • Dirt Coming From The Foot Traffic

This is one of the most common reasons for dirt build-up on the carpets. When we go outside, dirt and debris tend to stick to our feet. So when we take our footwear on the carpet, the dirt and dust get stuck on the carpet. 

Solution: Regular vacuuming works great to thoroughly clean the carpet surface and eliminate the dirt and dust from the carpet. Another solution to minimize the dirt on your carpet is to place door mats and request your family and friends to avoid bringing shoes on the carpet. To extend the life of your valued carpet, opt for the services of the best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne.

  • Spills And Stains

As mentioned, spills and stains are the major reasons for dirty carpets. Sometimes, your guest may drop red wine on your carpet, or your pet may urinate on it. So, if you don’t immediately don’t treat these stains, they may penetrate deep within the carpet fabric. 

Solution: As soon you notice any stain, act immediately. The best carpet cleaner solution for pets stains are home remedies. Make a solution of half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish soap. Sprinkle baking soda over the stains and spray the cleaning solution. Gently dab the area with a cloth or tissue paper. 

  • Indoor And Other Door Contaminants

Sometimes, through our shoes or clothes, we bring along contaminants that can not only dirty your carpets but also cause allergies and rashes. These contaminants go deep within the carpet, which promotes the growth of bacteria, mold, and allergens. This is time to opt for professional carpet dry cleaning Melbourne services to clean the carpets and eliminate contaminants deeply. 

Solution: Vacuum regularly, use a doormat, avoid bringing footwear on the carpets, and every six months, hire the services of expert steam cleaning for best results.


Regular cleaning and maintaining the carpets can significantly contribute to the health of your carpets. Habituate to vacuum your carpets every week. This loosens the dirt and debris that get stuck within the fabric. Also, hire the service of a professional carpet company that uses appropriate carpet cleaning methods and equipment that leaves your carpet clean and extends its service life. 

99 Degree Steam Cleaning Services provides excellent carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial carpets. Our expert technicians thoroughly assess the conditions of the carpet and use the best cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as good as new. 


Why does my carpet get dirty so fast?

Various factors make your carpet dirty quickly. The dirt build-up can arise from dirty foot traffic, outdoor and indoor factors, pet hair, food and drink spills, and other reasons. Elements such as dirt, mud, grass, and moisture can also make your carpet dirty. Also, if you have little children or pets, they tend to drop food or urinate on the carpet, making it dirty and smelly. So opt for professional carpet cleaning services by 99 Degree Steam Cleaning services. Call us today for a carpet cleaning appointment. 

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