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Why is a Regular Upholstery Cleaning Vital for a Healthy Home?

With the bustle and hustle of daily life in Melbourne, it’s easy to ignore the significance of keeping your furniture’s upholstery clean. With over 18 years of constant service behind us and a wealth of experience, we’re here today to inform you that maintaining the cleanliness and health of your furniture is vital for your home. Removing dirt and grime from the furniture will not only provide a healthier environment for you and your loved ones to be in, but it also makes your furniture last longer, which is excellent for the planet!

Professional Technicains at 99 Degree Steam Cleaning Services

Our skilled technicians deeply understand the various fabrics and stain types, so you can be sure your furniture is given the attention it merits. In this article, we’ll discuss why regular cleaning of your upholstery is vital for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing home, and also how our solutions can assist you to get there.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

One of the significant advantages of regular upholstery cleaning services Melbourne is the increase in indoor air quality. As time passes, dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria can build up within the fibres of your furniture. It can cause breathing problems, allergies and overall uncomfortable living surroundings. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the expertise and the equipment needed to eliminate this contaminant effectively and ensure your family and you can rest comfortably in the living space.

Longer Furniture Lifespan

Upholstered furniture is an investment, so regular maintenance is essential to protect your investment. If dirt and grime accumulate over your furniture, it can lead to premature wear and tear, leading to a lower lifespan for the furniture you love. Our extensive knowledge of various types of upholstery lets us know how to wash your furniture gently but thoroughly to preserve its beauty and strength.

Stain Prevention and Removal

Staining your furniture is likely to happen. If it’s from a wine glass that has been spilt, a pet’s accident, or any other spills, accidents, or mishaps, they can look ugly and are difficult to eliminate without expert help. The top Upholstery Cleaning Glen Waverley team specialises in removing stains, as well as our regularly scheduled cleaning service; we’ll aid in stopping any future stains from forming, making your furniture look clean and fresh.

Healthier Home Environment

Cleanliness is the key to a healthier home, and the upholstery you choose has a crucial role. Allergens and bacteria flourish in dirty furniture, posing health risks for you and your family. Regular cleaning with our skilled experts can remove these dangers and reduce the risk of illnesses, allergies and discomfort within your house.

Odour Elimination

Odours could quickly become a troublesome issue in upholstered furniture, particularly in households where smokers or pets are present. Odours that are difficult to eliminate and out without professional help. Our couch cleaning service melbourne experts employ cutting-edge cleaning methods and specially-formulated products to remove smells and leave your furniture clean and fresh.


Regularly cleaning your furniture isn’t an indulgence. It’s an integral element of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space. We have 15 years of experience providing Upholstery Cleaning Epping area and the surrounding areas within Melbourne. Our expertise and commitment is to ensure that your upholstery furniture gets the attention it requires. In addition to improving the quality of indoor air, prolonging the life of furniture, and increasing aesthetics, our services provide various benefits to a happier and healthier living space.

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