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How to Effectively Deep Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning the carpet effectively is crucial for those who have carpets throughout their homes. If the carpets are throughout the entire house or only in the bedrooms, maintaining them in a clean state can not only extend the life of your carpets but will also help keep your home clean of dust, allergens and mould. Carpets can take many abuses every day. They are subjected to everything from footwear or children to various spills; they need constant attention to keep healthy and live long.

Concrete Carpet Cleaning Tips & Steps to Simplify Speed Up the Task.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpets and areas require cleaning at least every week to eliminate general dust accumulation.

But, if you’ve got children or have a pet, You should clean areas with high traffic places at least three times per week or whenever you feel necessary.

Furthermore, any spills and stains must be cleaned and treated immediately so that there are no long-lasting consequences.

While you’re doing the best you can to clean your carpet every time feasible, you should have a professional carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne at least every two years to provide the mats with an extensive cleanse, lessen allergens, improve the longevity of your carpet and make your house a fresh and clean feel.

How to Go About Periodic Carpet Cleaning

  • Take away the Dust and Dirt.

Dust and dirt can make your carpet appear unappealing and can even make it smell. When left on the carpet for too long, they will ruin its fibres and the backing. Consider investing in powerful suction to clean dust and dirt whenever you can. You could use the broom or another carpet cleaner if you do not have an air-tight vacuum. It’s best to employ Carpet Cleaning Langwarrin company at least every six months to get the maximum results and extend your precious carpets’ lifespan.

  • Take the furniture or everything else off the carpet.
  • Set the vacuum setting to make sure you have the most incredible suction.
  • Clean your carpet slowly. 
  • Concentrate on areas with the highest traffic zones, and continue until you’re happy with the result.
  • Purchase a lint roll to clean off any pet hair or crumbs.
  • If you’re a pet owner, use a squeegee with a rubber edge across your floor to gather the hair that has escaped.

When and How Often Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning?

It is suggested to employ the services of a skilled  Carpet Cleaning Sydenham cleaner for your house at least once a year or every two years to conduct a thorough carpet cleaning.

You can also contact an expert carpet cleaner frequently or when you encounter difficult stains or need assistance in removing the stains.

Additionally, any deep-seated dirt requires a professional to take it off to ensure no harm to the carpet fibres.

Remember that carpet cleaning in Melbourne specialists use high-quality tools and equipment to ensure an efficient and top-quality service.

How Do You Maintain a Clean Carpet After Professional Cleaning?

If you’ve invested in an expert carpet cleaning service, you must work to keep it looking great and ensure that you get the best quality cleaning. How do you go about it?

  • Following the carpet’s cleaning, ensure it’s dry before you walk on it again.
  • Be careful not to walk on it barefoot after applying oils or moisturisers to your feet to prevent oily residues from drawing dust or even appearing dirty.
  • Make sure you wash any spills or stains promptly by Blotting. The longer they remain, the more difficult it will be to eliminate them.
  • Clean your carpet regularly, even if it seems fresh, to eliminate dust and dirt.


The above suggestions and tips will help you understand how to clean your carpets properly. Contact 99 Degree Steam Cleaning Services for any additional advice or to book an appointment for a carpet cleaning Frankston or surrounding areas to get effective carpet cleaning to ensure healthier, healthy and fresh carpets for your pet and family.

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