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Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Home Cleaning

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Cleaning your home is crucial to maintaining and keeping it healthy for you and your family. You can use different tools and cleaning methods to clean it and make it sparkling clean thoroughly. While commercial cleaning is a complete category. It is confined to commercial settings and offices, which need heavy-duty cleaning equipment and products. This blog will explore the difference between home and commercial cleaning and how you can benefit from it. 

Residential Cleaning Vs Commercial Cleaning

Effectiveness and Results 

The major difference between commercial cleaning services and home cleaning is effectiveness and end results. A commercial cleaning service provider can give you way better results than home cleaning methods when it comes to removing stubborn stains and hidden dirt, dust, and grime. The commercial cleaners are well-equipped to deeply clean your home and tackle tough and heavy stains easily. 

Latest Cleaning Equipments

Professional commercial cleaners employ the latest and most advanced cleaning equipment to complete their cleaning tasks. For Carpet Cleaning Attwood, they use heavy-duty cleaning equipment and products that help to remove dirt, dust, soil, pet hair and bacteria from the carpets, leaving it as good as new. Moreover, office carpets have heavy foot traffic and require more powerful cleaning equipment, unlike domestic equipment. The commercial cleaners use commercial grade cleaners and cleaning products for effective cleaning and removing stains in no time. 

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Scope and Scale of Cleaning 

While home cleaning refers to cleaning individual homes and apartments. The cleaning scope is restricted to cleaning homes and household items like carpets, couches, upholstery, tiles and grout, and personal spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. Commercial cleaning involves cleaning business establishments, hospitality, schools, hotels, gyms and other commercial settling. These commercial spaces require more precise and extensive cleaning due to heavy foot traffic and usage. This is when professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne services providers are hired to clean carpets, upholstery, windows, rugs, and other services. 


The major difference between commercial cleaning vs residential cleaning is the price. While deep cleaning house might need simple domestic cleaning items, it might not give you the finishing and results that professional commercial cleaners can provide. Although commercial cleaning will cost you more money but, it can provide you with a cleaner environment. So whether you hire a commercial cleaner to clean your carpets or upholstery, you get amazing results along with the extended life of your carpets and furniture. 


Commercial cleaning is a specialized cleaning that caters to different cleaning requirements of commercial and business settings. It differs from home cleaning on various bases like the scope of scale, cost, effectiveness and results, and cleaning equipment. There are different cleaning companies that offer cleaning services to residential and commercial customers. 99Degree Steam Cleaning Services offers exceptional service in Melbourne, so we’ve got you covered if you are seeking commercial carpet cleaning or residential.

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