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About 99-Degree Steam Cleaning Services

We Started our journey 2007 science then steadily built a reputation as leading commercial cleaning organisations in the industry. We often provide services to medical centres, child cares, offices, hotels, car parks, shopping centres and many mores. As we are providing carpet steam and dry cleaning services we have professional technician and state of art technology equipment we provide superior cleaning services to our client we do not rely out sourcing those services unlikely other franchise system purely rely on cheap subcontractor and in some case they under paid those people and end customer will bear poor quality job. We are providing number of services to our customer.

That’s how we manage our client to optimum level of services. Ask our sales rep for quota for your premises cleaned regular and we can offer first clean free and free steam clean after end of year and much more ask our friendly staff for free no obligation quote.

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Commercial cleaning Services

At 99-Degree steam cleaning professional have extensive experience including OH&S training. We understand every commercial office premises have a sensitive information and important documents kept at premises, which is why all our staff are police check cleared for safety and security purpose. At 99-degree steam cleaning we ensure on safety and security of customer premises and we keep monitoring our staff reliability that’s why we are most trusted in office cleaning companies in Melbourne. That’s why we are keep serving from last 20 years in industry.
  • State of Art Technology Equipment and Professional methods
  • Rotational Detail Cleaning Schedule for optimum result.
  • Trained Cleaner and ongoing Training Programmed
  • On Going Inspection to ensure quality control
  • Extensive support to our team to delivered quality services
  • Customer relation development manager
  • Professional and trained cleaner

Offred by 99-Degree Steam Cleaning Services.

As a result, we have a perfect environment for customer relation management and starving for long term customer relation.
At 99-Degree Steam Cleaning we have a professional and trained staff fulfill customer requirement we do not believe in franchise system because in franchise system after initial training franchise is his own and often one indusial can’t satisfied all customer requirement they need support timely manner and franchise system not allowed to have sick leave they have to organized some one to replace them self and that’s wearer quality and safety compromised and we have all staff police check and they frequently visit all our site so when some staff have emergency leave we fill that position safely from our internal staff.

Why choose 99-Degree Steam Cleaning Over Other Franchise module

99-degree Steam Cleaning committed to provide optimum level of services to all its clients in safely manner.

Benefits of having 99-Degree steam Cleaning V/S Franchise System.

  1. At 99-Degree Steam Cleaning we have Over 15 Years of experience in Field and client acceptation knowledge in commercial client needs.
  2. We have Professional and trained Staff equipped with State of art technology equipment and scientific technique.
  3. We have ongoing frequently inspection to check level of cleaning standard.
  4. Professionally clean your premises that feel good and make a positive environment so you can make focus on growing your business.
  5. We are Actual Cleaning professionals who knows jobs and unlikely franchisor working in office they have good looking smart talking staff who don’t know ground reality.
  6. Franchise often his own and cleaning standard decide by individual operator.
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